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The Ring public house is an ode to the historic boxing location in South London that stood opposite. Built in 1783, The Ring arena was originally called the Surrey Chapel, until the strange shaped building was bought by former British Lightweight champion Dick Burge and his wife Bella in 1910. They named it simply, ‘The Ring’ and it would become the first indoor boxing ring for the working classes.

During a daylight raid on 25th October 1940 a huge bomb landed on Blackfriars Road and seriously damaged The Ring but another bombing raid during March 1941 almost completely destroyed the building and it was eventually demolished.

The office building opposite which now stands on the site of the original ring is named Palestra, which is defined in Greek as a place for training and wrestling practice.

And now, Situated opposite the historic home of British boxing, our compact pub, The Ring, certainly punches above its weight.

Pictures of the men who boxed at The Ring and went on to become World, European and British Champions adorn the walls. There’s plenty of seating outside the pub, which is directly opposite Southwark tube station and acts as a great focal point, landmark and meeting place right on the corner of Blackfriars Road and The Cut.



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